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New 23-11, 16:44
Update: - Clocky ALIVE... bottom lip shrinking again, normal service may resume shortly, hopefully not tripped up over it too much
New 20-11, 16:41
everything available in lootboxes can be earned ingame with ingame credits anyway, your basically paying to unlock progression within the game, play the game and unlock for free
New 20-11, 14:54
.... to the loot box system
New 20-11, 14:54
Interesting snippet . . ."Dont be fooled by the "temporary" removal of microtransactions. They havent done this to be nice and please the fan base. They have done this because they are under investigation in several EU countries over gambling offences due
New 16-11, 18:17
New 16-11, 17:55
kens birthday other day .. i posted on his FB page
New 16-11, 11:38
New 12-11, 08:32
number 1 homer
New 11-11, 18:18
1 or 2?
New 10-11, 18:32
Uplay offering Watchdogs for free if anyones interested
New 05-11, 17:32
i do, but only because they drop my stuff off at the P.Office when im out
New 04-11, 16:26
Ark 39.99 download code only,Explorers edition 70.00 on disc.
New 04-11, 16:23
Youve got to love amazon
New 02-11, 15:22
New 27-10, 19:01
ah ok ecky my mistake cheers mate
New 26-10, 23:45
but ive moved it to public for you mate
New 26-10, 23:44
no wayne your leaving post is in members, your now not a member
New 26-10, 18:15
why as my leaving post been removed are you going to stoop that low to keep your players ?
New 17-10, 16:38
Micro transactions for cosmetic crates (BF1) is fine if your worried how your gun LOOKS rather than how it kills. But using them to buy attachments rather than grind for them,its just making for an uneven battlefield,which to me is no fun.
New 17-10, 16:35
You coudl say that about the game too. . .to be fair,iv read exactly what gamespot have said on other sites too
New 13-10, 18:28
game spot news... you may as well have just shat on a wall and tried to make out words in it...
New 13-10, 14:02
New 13-10, 12:59
New 13-10, 11:45
To be honest,right now Ark looks more appealing.
New 13-10, 11:43
Its Starwars,whats not to like,problem is EA are using the "starwars" tag to sell it,1st one was a disaster where gamers were concerned,but the fans loved it. I cant see the 2nd one being any different.
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