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New 11-12, 18:38
Clocky.... Global event starts tomorrow dinner masks and gear sets to farm
New 11-12, 18:38
n1 Eshy
New 11-12, 12:34
Ban hammer... ewwaterbrick
New 10-12, 08:46
its snowing
New 08-12, 16:27
New 05-12, 20:04
anyone still on Division
New 01-12, 05:04
If its it
New 29-11, 18:34
im quite enjoying the game tbh but im also biased
New 29-11, 11:43
On a peronal note,apart from the campaign which gives a few insights of what might have happened between 6 and 7 ,the game itself is just as shite as the first one.
New 29-11, 11:41
THATS how common this complaint has been BOB
New 29-11, 11:40
New 29-11, 11:36
And if this story is true in any way,its not just the angry fans that have made EA make this decision,
New 29-11, 11:33
New 29-11, 11:32
New 29-11, 11:31
New 29-11, 11:31
New 29-11, 11:28
Well there must be some truth and alot of issues with it if EA have actualy taken the steps to removed the microtransaction sytem altogether pending a suitable replacement.
New 28-11, 08:16
its the current bandwagon bob, however ive not been stopped from unlocking what i wanted while i dont have it all unlocked its never said i cant
New 27-11, 17:24
how common is this common complaint?
New 27-11, 15:44
yeah but the common complaint is that they have made it so it take alot longer to unlock everything. And the shortcut bundles on bf4 came later on,not on launch
New 25-11, 18:41
Bf4s shortcut bundle is exactly the same
New 25-11, 18:40
Yea the loot boxes make it quicker but that has been true for many games however if you focus on one thing at a time it doesn't take long to unlock
New 25-11, 18:39
Someone also said 40+ hours to unlock vader, I've done it in under 10
New 24-11, 20:23
Yeah,but the point is Ecky the lootboxes shorten the time it takes to earn everything,experts reckon it could take 4000+ hours to unlock everything without buying loot boxes.
New 24-11, 20:22
they have removed the microtransactions system,and are working on a fairer replacement
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