BAF R.O.E (basic)
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    BAF R.O.E (basic)

    Squad Rules

    1. If you have to/wish to leave BAF, please post an "I Am Leaving" post. Also please note that once this is done subject to forum admins your member area rights will be revoked. Anyone Posting such a thread should also note that this shall be looked at as though whoever is NO LONGER a BAF Member and if within a few days they should wish to return this shall not be automatic and your name shall be placed onto the "recruit" list under others who wish to have a tryout.

    1a. Upon Posting a "I am leaving" thread that BAF member shall be deem to have handed in his notice and will be considered an EX member, forum rights within a day or 2 will be revoked along with any remote access he or she may have.. NO "please stay" requests will be posted by council members as they shall assume you have seriously contemplated your decision to leave.. a post saying "ive changed my mind" will NOT automatically mean you will be allowed to stay..or that you could continue as you were before such a post before posting hastily please consider your options.

    2. Any member of BAF who is not seen or heard from for over month may be removed from the squad or asked to re-try-out. Unless notice has been given in advance

    3. Please make every effort to attend matches that you have signed up for. It is understandable that real world events take priority, however it is common courtesy to inform a command member that you cannot make a match.

    4. Only Recruiting Officers may recruit players to the squad. If your see a good player that may be suited to joining BAF, get their details and inform a suitable officer of them, or tell that person to post on our forum a request to join

    5. Whilst wearing the BAF tags, all members should remember that they are representing the squad, and other squads/players can get a vital impression of BAF just by the way that its members act in other servers. Members found to be disruptive or insulting in other servers may find forum and access to BAF amenities withdrawn for a while.

    5b. Your recruitment officer will tell you which tags to wear for both your try-out period and your full member status

    6. Our Server is for playing in not an MSN chat room, so please remember this when typing "in game" as we like our auto messages etc to be read by visitors.

    7. The use of glitches within a game, whilst not banned, is still unfair on others playing with you. Please do not use glitches, as it will bring down the reputation of the squad.

    8. Please remember that whilst most of us within the squad are adults, not all players within the community are. Therefore, please try keep the usage of bad language down to a minimum, and try to use milder alternatives!

    9. Any member found to be using any type of trainer or cheat will be removed and banned from the squad. Along with a huge post in our General Public area.

    10a. Members who are abusive to other members either in game chat, on TS, or on the forums may be suspended from BAF pending an enquiry by the Council. You may then receive a temp. ban or be removed altogether from the squad.

    10b. This includes random accusations of cheating . If you suspect a member of cheating contact a Council Member ASAP.

    11. Every member is valuable to BAF and every members idea's to improve the squad are welcomed.

    12. Practise Nights or "Training Sessions" are posted regularly in our members area, please make every effort to attend as this improves your game and gets you match ready. However Training etc is NOT compulsory and is only used to prepare members for matches, if you wish to abstain from them then training is not required.

    13. Don't take it too seriously and have fun. If something is annoying you in the server please refrain from typing abuse etc, leave for 5mins or vent your "anger" on teamspeak.

    14. Trying to bypass the Language Warnings in game may seem funny but may end in a punt, 24hr, 48hr or life ban from our server.. so think before you decide to type.

    15. BAF Council reserve the rights to edit/amend and update these rules whenever needed to ensure a smooth and happy squad exists.

    16. Our server rules are ones we have created since WE pay for them.. everyone including BAF members is bound by them be it the Public Server or our Match Server.. these are none negotiable and are enforced rigorously on ALL.

    17, ALL BAF MEMBERS are required to wear their BAF tags in ALL BAF servers hosted by us... we cannot enforce it on other servers but on our OWN it is a must.

    18, Regarding Donations are not a requirement but all are appreciated , simply put why should other members pay for your enjoyment.
    IF you decide to leave of YOUR OWN accord no refund of donations should be expected nor will be reimbursed.. IF you are kicked from BAF you forfeit any monies you have sent to BAF but.. this will be reviewed on a individual basis and in some cases not all a proportion of your donation MAY be refunded. It is and has been a BAF rule that once a donation is received then NO refunds would be given.. this remains in the hands of the Council to decide where a exception can or should be allowed.

    19, As a rule people on Try-outs are NOT entitled to play in any BAF matches until they have passed and donating members receive priority over non-donating... this is standard.. however.. in extreme circumstances we do sometimes find we are in need of another player and ONLY then will they be selected above a FULL MEMBER.

    20, Certain games BAF host allow players to "camp" .. whilst we do not encourage this with members it is by no means against any rules BAF have either within the squad or on its servers. If someone camping in game upsets or annoys you then you have the choice of either leaving the server or putting up with that persons particular style of play.

    21, Whilst on teamspeak we understand people get frustrated in game and sometimes irate (annoyed) this does NOT mean however torrents of abuse or name calling to the extreme is allowed, anyone found to be over zealous with name calling or abuse shall be kicked as a warning then banned from ts and the server for a minimum of 24hrs and longer if it continues. We are here to play games we ALL enjoy however we decide to play or whichever game we have decided to enter. Please respect the different styles and tastes and HAVE FUN.

    UPDATED 13.6.2011 (BOB)

    Post closed to prevent spam etc in thread.

    Council will update/amend as and when.
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