Greetings Commanders

All store players can now generate a Steam key to add it to their Steam library.

By generating a Steam key all future purchases made with your Frontier account will also be associated with your Steam account. This won't affect how much you pay for the game or for paint jobs, but sticking with the store remains the best way to support ongoing development with 100 percent of your money on future purchases. We especially appreciate it when you buy direct from us, but we're happy for you to play how and where you like. Just enjoy the game, and fly safe Commanders!

Instructions to redeem:

Log into the Elite: Dangerous store.

Go to your account dashboard.

Click on ‘Partner Keys’

Click ‘Claim an Elite: Dangerous’ key.

You can redeem your code by selecting 'Games > Activate a Product On Steam' in the Steam UI.

Note: the key you generate will add Elite: Dangerous to any Steam library but WILL NOT grant access to the game without an existing registered Frontier account and copy of the game. For this reason, please don’t give your keys away to friends! They won’t be able to play without having already bought the game from Steam or the store!