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    Sorry to hear this lads, had some great times with you all and the memories will not fade..far too many.

    Big thanks to the council, for looking after us all the years..you did a great job and looked after everyone of us.

    Loved playing with or against each and every one of you..family is all i can say.


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    this is what BAF started me to the online gaming from BHD right down to our baby in BF4 it is really sad but like all things some of them have to come to an end at some time i mean 20 +years BAF has been running it was and still is the best clan that i was happy to join

    16th March 2006 i joined and have the best time but sadly missed a few legends as well ( ken jammo and buffy ) meeting most of you was also fun in real life

    manny thank to all BAFFER .............jim ...sir D....Ecky....the other Ecky AKA Eshy bob ( which i still can't seem to shake as I am still playing games with him lol ) GET IN THE ZONE Kully coppin... blondie.....the singing going for a BIG poo bravato Rouge (YEP STILL KEEPING THE TYPO GOING ) ....Maz....Bravo.....CD......Outrage.....SMAJ ( as KGB would put ) ...Beefy

    i would like to thank you all for giving me the best online experience ever

    "byddwch yn ofalus o'r sinsir!"


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